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All artists who have recorded music before know how difficult it is to place, market and get their music to be played or sold in the online music stores or streaming services.

BAMusic offers a simple solution for this. For a one time fixed amount and a 5% sales fee we will place your music in the most important online music stores and streaming services.

Should you not have any recordings or you would like to record new music: we offer turnkey recording and production services in cooperation with recording studios throughout Europe, the UK and the USA.

Please contact us at: for more information or a bespoke offer.


If you are composing your own songs and music we can help steer through the difficult layout of music rights rules and regulations. BA Music has had it’s own registration at BUMA/Stemra since 1991 and since the inception in 1994 at SENA. Thus we are able to help any composer or lyrics author register and claim payments for use of music and/or lyrics.

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Put your recordings on many streaming platforms in one go!

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